About Us

“You can’t manage knowledge — nobody can. What you can do is to deal with the earth in which information can be made, found, caught, shared, refined, approved, moved, received, adjusted, and applied.” – Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell:

kidshealthpro is a Health blog – Where you will find information on Health, Fitness & Beauty services.

Which we collect from different places. We will not give you any wrong information, but we are not a doctor. We just want to give you some good and useful information, We think that’s a lot of help to you and your family. You will also find here various useful products and effective health information.


We want to improve our knowledge and share with you, as well as provide you with health services. Like: Fitness Tips, Beauty Tips, Health Tips, Etc. Especially we would like to provide information support for babies and pregnant moms.

Our Identity:

Md. Saidul Islam
I have a B.S.S (Bachelor of Social Work) in Social Work from the National University of Bangladesh.