Fruit to Avoid During Pregnancy

Fruit to avoid during pregnancy
Happy health for all pregnancy mom's

What foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

Fruit to avoid during pregnancy, It’s very important for pregnant consumed & absorb form the balanced and nutritious diet in order to guarantee the healthiness of their baby and themself still, limit eating the foods eating that can trigger a probable miscarriage, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, when pregnant women are usually at a higher risk of having one.

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This is why pregnant women should take care when combining foods and avoid certain foods during pregnancy to prevent the potential risk of miscarriage risk. (Fruit to avoid during pregnancy)

Here Are The Foods That Can Cause A miscarriage:

1. Pineapple

Avoid Pineapple

It contains the compound of bromelain that may soften the cervix to trigger contractions in pregnancy, this may cause miscarriage. It is best to avoid consuming too much pineapple juice during the early stages of pregnancy.

2. Crabs

Crabs avoid this during pregnancy
Avoid Crabs

the type of crab to beware is the raw, pre-cooked, or undercooked one, bcus they could be infected with microorganisms & parasites which can cause food poisoning affecting pregnant mom’s health and fetus growth.

Avoid high mercury crab such as blue crab, snow crab & Dungeness crab, but you can eat suggested king crabs due to it’s low in the mercury level.

High mercury can impact the fetus’s brain and nervous system growth, also affect the health of pregnant moms too. (Fruit to avoid during pregnancy)

3. Sesame seed

Sesame seed
Avoid Sesame seed

Doctors had suggested that it is best to avoid sesame seed during the first trimester as it can make you nauseous. Also, do not consume sesame seeds with honey since they are known to be listed as a method of natural abortion of pregnancy.

However, consume a moderate amount of black sesame seeds at the later stages of pregnancy to bring more benefits while delivery.

4. Aloe Vera

Avoid Alue vera
Avoid Aloe vera

The concern o avoid it is due to its content of anthraquinones laxative that can trigger contractions of the uterus and pelvic bleeding, thus increasing the risk of miscarriage. (Fruit to avoid during pregnancy)

5. Papaya

Avoid Papaya

If you encountered papaya which is unripe or green papaya containing the compound of laxative that can lead to premature labor and even miscarriage.
Besides that, the papaya’s seed also packed with the high amount off enzymes

which can lead to pregnancy contraction of the uterus and can also bring about a miscarriage. This is why you must be aware to not eat green or unripe papaya, especially during pregnancy.

6. Herbs

Fruit to avoid during pregnancy
Avoid all herbs category

Experts suggest avoiding certain herbs due to the content of steroids that can adversely affect a baby’s growth in pregnancy, so consult your doctor if necessary. Centella herbs when consumed in pregnancy, can harm the liver that leads to severe jaundice and the baby’s brain can be damaged. Also, the dong Quai herbs comprise compounds that can affect pregnancy conditions of miscarriage or premature delivery. (Fruit to avoid during pregnancy)

7. Peach

Avoid Peach
Avoid Peach

Since eating a peach in large amounts can generate excessive heat in the pregnant body which resulting in internal bleeding or miscarriage. So, do not overeat and remember to peel peach skin before eating due to the fruit’s hair can affect your throat with burning and itching.

8. Spices

Fruit to avoid during pregnancy
(fenugreek) Avoid all spices Category

you should also aware the spices such as fenugreek, asafoetida, garlic, angelica, peppermint should be avoided because they can trigger your uterus in contractions which are also the factors of arising preterm labor or miscarriage. Also aware to not over-consume spice like garlic and angelica, because they contain compounds that may cause blood thinning and bleeding in pregnancy.

9. Brinjal

avoid this fruit during pragnancy
Avoid Brinjal/Eggplant

Brinjal called eggplant this is one of the most common vegetables used in the majority of kitchens, however, eggplant has been found to be quite effective in treating amenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome in Ayurveda. It was found that having half a brinjal every day would help to trigger off menstruation that had been irregular for more than a year, on the basis of the property eggplant is regarded as dangerous to consume during pregnancy, however, having them once in a while in small quantities should not pose a problem. Must be this fruit to avoid during pregnancy.


expert suggests eating food from all food categories so that pregnant women can absorb necessary vitamins and nutrients or a healthy pregnancy. pregnancy doctor also advised eating in a moderation lifestyle because if you overeat some foods can be harmful to the pregnancy. So, must avoid this fruit during pregnancy.


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