Newborn Care After Delivery

Newborn care after delivery
Newborn care

How to take care of the newborn after delivery?

Let’s talk about newborn care after delivery. The birth of a baby is one of life’s most wondrous moments. Barely any encounters contrast with this occasion. Infants have astounding capacities. However, they are subject to others for taking care of, warmth, and solace. so firstly we care of the newborn after delivery.

There are a lot of things that go into caring or a newborn. Here are some of the most immediate things to be done, as soon as your baby is born.

let’s see all step newborn care after delivery.

1. Umbilical cord care

Newborn Umbilical cord care
Don’t try to remove the stump
Newborn care after delivery
Umbilical cord care

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord was a lifeline to your baby. However, after birth, it isn’t required anymore. After cutting the umbilical cord, the stump of the umbilical cord remains in your child’s navel. Don’t try to remove the stump, as it will eventually fall off by itself.

2. Breastfeeding

Newborn care after delivery

You can start breastfeeding your baby about an hour or two after birth. The initial milk is thick, yellowish, and is nutrient-rich! It is called colostrums.

3. Initial Breathing

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Initial Breathing

Post-birth, the baby’s lungs, which were previously filled with fluid, is now filled with air. This sudden shift can be difficult for a baby. The first few breaths of your infant are usually hard, labored, shallow, and irregular. This isn’t a cause for concern, as longs as the baby’s breathing steady and normalizes, eventually.

4. APGAR Test

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The doctor first performs the Apgar, test which checks appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration. A score of 7 and above is considered normal. A score of 4 to 6 is considered relatively low, while anything below 3 I critically low. In case of a low score, immediate care is required.

5. Weighing your Baby

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Weighing your Baby

The weight of your child is an indicator of how your baby is doing. Most newborns weigh between 2 kgs to 4 kgs, which initially decreases and then increases.

6. Skin-to-Skin Contact

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Skin-to-Skin Contact

Your baby is placed naked, against your naked skin, and a blanket is wrapped around both of you. You’ll see the baby relax almost instantly and familiarize himself with you.

7. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is administered to the newborn o prevent any bleeding, as it helps in the clotting of blood.

8. Eyecare

Your baby’s eyes are extremely sensitive. Within an hour after birth, the doctor will put some eye drops to prevent any infection. Regularly wipe the eyes with a damp cloth.

9. Hepatitis-B Vaccination

Newborn care after delivery
Hepatitis-B Vaccination

The hepatitis B vaccination is essential, as the disease is fatal. Every vaccination important for your child, o make the date and make sure you get him vaccinated.

10. Bathing

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For the first week and a half, give your child a sponge bath with warm water and a gentle cloth, so the umbilical cord stump can dry. Bathing your baby three days a week is enough as his skin is extremely sensitive and prone to dryness. Make sure the water is lukewarm, and not extremely cold or hot. Use mild soap and shampoo. You don’t have to wash your baby’s hair every day; twice or thrice a week should suffice.

11. Physical Examination

Newborn care after delivery
Physical Examination

Like APGAR, a physical examination after birth is necessary. The doctor will examine your child, to see if he is healthy.

12. Providing Warmth to Baby

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Providing Warmth to Baby

Swaddling your baby helps in regulating body temperature. Wipe your child dry immediately after a bath and make him wear warm clothes.

Newborn care after delivery is the most important time of a baby’s life. Give your baby love and care, and make sure you take good care of yourself, too! Newborn Care After Delivery can change their lives. of course, firstly take care of yourself. then your baby safe.

Let me know in the comments box, How much have you benefited.

—-Good health for you and your baby, this is our success—-

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