Wavy Hair (Curly Hair) Mistakes (2020)

Wavy Hair (Curly Hair) Mistakes (2020)

Curly/Wavy Hair Mistakes You Are Making!

Today I’m gonna be sharing with you some mistakes that US wavy hair girls make and hopefully help you guys to change your habits and achieve better results with your waves or curls.

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Ok Now Lets talk to about curly/wavy hair mistakes

Especially if you are newer to learning how to take care of your wavy textured hair. it can definitely be a learning process and it can be hard to break those old habits. I do want to say first of all I do not strictly follow the curly girl method. So these are things that I personally don’t like to do with my hair at least not often. Because I do see a difference even though like I said I don’t strictly follow the curly girl method. There are still certain things that I do agree with and that I think are bad for you.

There are also some things in here that maybe you haven’t really considered just with the difference between curly and curly/wavy hair. We’re just gonna go ahead and get into these tips. So one thing that I do want to start off with that is mentioned in the curly girl method. I believe it is dry brushing your hair.

So this could be something that you didn’t even realize was it bad for you, If you are not super about curly/wavy hair care and you can only discover this as your first. I don’t know that is a very common mistake but it’s one of the first things that I say to stop doing if you’re going to transition into getting more definition and taking better care of your waves or curls. Because if your hair is already dry any wave or curl definition that you have has the chance to get ruined.

So if you’re running your fingers through your hair constantly or if you’re taking a brush or even a comb-like a wide-toothed comb and running it through your dry hair. It’s going to completely get rid of all of your definite you’re gonna be pulling and tugging on the hair and it’s really just not great for you.

I definitely recommend brushing or combing you. I personally use a wide-tooth comb. Before you get into the shower or even while you have wet hair in the shower. I know some people say it’s not great to detangle your hair when it is wet unless you’re doing finger detangling. But for me personally, I find that finger detangling isn’t quite enough and I know it’s the thing for a lot of you guys.

I do recommend using a comb or a brush but I just recommend doing it before you get in the shower or while your hair is wet in the shower just because that way when your hair is still wet and you’re done washing it and styling it you can scrunch it get that wave or curl definition it will dry that way and then you want to keep it that way you want to keep that momentum and if you’re brushing your hair when it’s dry you’re just going to completely destroy all of the coils or waves or definition that you had. So the next tip is a very common one as well a lot of people know this one but it is still very important.

I just thought I would mention it in case you have been doing this. Drying your hair with a regular towel. Honestly, I would say no matter what type you have even if you have straight hair. Drying your with a towel is not ideal because it is very harsh and can give you a lot of frizz. One of the biggest things with frizz is using a regular towel to dry you.

Especially if you have wavy or curly hair as I said. It’s going to make a big difference if you start using a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Something different like that just doesn’t use your regular body towels to dry your hair. because you’re just giving it all this frizz and really damaging your hair when it comes down to it. so the next thing that kind of has a lot to it is the difference between curly/wavy hair and how they react to heavy cream thick products.

I wrote down some talking points here just. So I could remember everything that I wanted to say and one of the big things with curly/wavy hair that can cause frizziness. Where you feel moisturized but it has limp frizzy look – it is built up and I think that a lot of people going back to the curly girl method who get into that and that whole method and everything if you have curly/wavy hair you know think oh I should use a co-wash.

I should use thick creamy products to give me definitions but at the end of the day, that is going to cause buildup. It just is even if it’s good for you. That’s why I definitely recommend using a clarifying shampoo. Which is probably going to be a shampoo that has sulfates in it and if you follow the curly girl method you’re probably gonna be like whoa so fades evil but you need to use sulfates every once in a while even if it’s just a couple of times a month to kind of get rid of that buildup on your scalp and on your hair that comes with using curly and wavy girl products whether that’s a thick gel, a thick cream, even if you are using products with any kinds of silicones in it.

Which I personally am NOT just like 100% silicone-free. I do use some products that have silicone that work really well for me and you do need to be able to get rid of that silicone buildup that Shea butter buildup whatever it is that you’re using on your waves or curls. So that is definitely a big thing especially if you have wavy you compared to curly. You definitely want to work on getting that build-up it’s like I said it does create frizz and then also just, in general, using thicker heavier like creams and butter for curly/wavy hair isn’t always a good idea. Unless you’re using a very small amount and spreading it evenly throughout the hair.

I definitely find that it waves my hair down and doesn’t give me the kind of bounce that I want. If I use products that are too thick for my waves and that is something that I’ve learned since previous curly/wavy hair article. I think the first curly/wavy hair article that I did was my routine. When I had long hair and I was using like a Shea Moisture curl butter or something like that and it was a thicker product and people were recommending to use something lighter like curl milk or a wave style of some sort. So I think switching over to lighter products or using a very small amount of thick products has helped a lot in keeping my voluminous and bouncy.

Because for me personally I really like to have volume in me. I don’t like flat waves even if they’re defined. I just prefer to have you know some volume at the root of my wavy hair. Going along with that though you don’t want to be stripping your hair. You do want to be adding moisture back in when you are using a clarifying or kind of sulfates tripping shampoo to get rid of that build-up. You want to go back in and deep conditioned moisturize your hair, not deep conditioning can be a big mistake for your wavy hair.

I think I don’t do it enough personally but I think it’s great to do a mask a couple of times a month or once a week. I just think it’s great for you and then you can go in once or twice a month even and just remove it that builds up with a clarifying shampoo but for me personally, I have lightened my hair and I do use olaplex as a mask. Before I get in the shower and wash my hair and I find that that really helps to repair me and I know it’s not like a traditional deep conditioner. If it’s not meant to be used on wet but it does make a difference in how my wavy hair heals after having lightened it.

Because that is something that I have been doing lately. You can’t really tell on this lighting but I have light in my hair and it makes a big difference to be using something to replenish it and help repair it. Because it is not perfect right now. It’s not at its best but it can be but I personally have fun with me I like to do things that are different. If I feel like straightening my hair or heat styling it.

If I feel like lightening my wavy hair or doing a different color something fun. I’m gonna do that and I think that is also important is to not let yourself stress too much about it. Because I know that people can get really intense about curly and curly/wavy hair and have all of these rules kind of like the curly girl method book does and for me personally I just don’t stress about it too much. I like to be able to enjoy myself and I already sharing curly/wavy hair tips and tricks on this website, I think that a lot I’ve learned a lot since then in the tips that to just not stress too much about it. Because your hair is gonna make it through. If you’re still taking care of it.

Even if you decide to straighten it every now and then or something. So yeah going back to what I was saying about conditioning and moisturize when you’re here. That is also really important you just want to have a nice balance there. I think it’s cool to even do like a DIY mask. You can look up DIY masks for curly or curly/wavy hair and I think it’s really fun to do that just kind of like skincare a face mask.

It’s kind of pampering and relaxing especially right now in these times. It’s good to do some pampering for yourself. So I think the last thing that I wanted to mention is how yo6u’re applying your product. so for instance with curly/wavy hair especially, raking your product through your and really like finger combing your hair while you’re applying your styles can actually really pull on your waves and this is something that I need to get better with myself is really just smoothing the product slightly over my hair like even doing the praying hands method.

If you have seen that and then just scrunching the product into you, really well instead of trying to comb it through your hair and really focusing on coating every single strand. If you are applying to you when it is still damp or wet and you’re really squishing that product in when you’re crunching. You’re still going to coat all of your hair and get the product throughout all of this. So try not to focus too much on combing or raking your wavy hair after you’ve already washed it just to keep that definition there.

I think also that if you do have a very light wave pattern let’s say you have to a hair. It can be better to wait until your hair is just damp to apply your products instead of doing it when you are sopping wet. Because it can really weigh down the hair and make it look flat and not give it the kind of definition that you want. I think you just have to kind of be careful there with the type of that you have and how you’re applying your products.

Just play around and kind of figure out what works for your specific type. because at the end of the day we’re all different and our hair is going to react or respond differently to different products. So there may be a product that I really love that you don’t even if you have the same hair type as me. I do find for me having shorter with waves is different than having longer hair. I’ve done both and so I know the difference like for instance with shorter, I find that plopping doesn’t work as well.

Especially if you have two short hair as short as mine. Because when you push it all to the top of your head and you tie it up in that t-shirt, the back pieces can really get flattened and you don’t see the same results as you do with long. So there are definitely different things with short and long hair, with wavy or curly. Girls with really curly are obviously going to be able to do a little more when it comes to raking products through the wavy hair or adding a lot of products.

We’re US girls with curly/wavy hair have to be a little more careful at that point. Because it can wear hair down and give us less definition. I think every type is beautiful obviously but sometimes I do wish that I had gorgeous 3a curls. Because that is truly my dream. I think 3a is just absolutely beautiful. Obviously, every hair type is beautiful but for me personally, sometimes I think maybe if I just wore my natural color and I didn’t lighten my and I followed all the curly girl method rules perfectly and all of these things that I would be able to have more definition and more curly but at the end of the day I’m not the kind of person that can fix so strictly two rules like that and never ever stray from them.

Because I do like change. like changing me. like cutting and dying my hair can’t really stick to the same look for years and years at a time. because that’s just not me. I just love playing with my hair and kind of getting creative with the look. So I think it’s just great to be creative and do it works for you and I’m gonna stop rambling now. Because this article is getting really long and we have talked about all the points of the main things that I wanted to talk about. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t want to do an excessive amount of information in this article.

So I just shared about five or six tips but I do hope that this article helped you out in some way maybe you’ll learn something from today’s article. You can also come and join our social account for more information.

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